Dora, the chubby baby panda wasn’t very happy.

Because her Milk Tooth was falling out and she did not want to lose it.

One night, Dora heard a strange sound coming from her month, you see, her tooth was crying!

“There is a problem,” Her tooth said sadly, “When the child doesn’t pull out a tooth in time, the new tooth grows and pushes the Milk Tooth away; and soon the child is taken to a doctor to get the Milk Tooth removed. “

“And when that happens I’m lost forever!” said the tooth and began crying all over again louder and louder.”

“Alright, alright, I understand”, said Dora. “Hmm…. I will pull you out. But you better come out fast because I am scared.”

The tooth nodded happily. Dora closed her eyes and tugged at it. And out it came! It was so easy and it hardly hurt at all.

“I can stay in Milky Land, thank you,” said the Milk Tooth as Dora placed her gently under the pillow.

Wasn’t it brave of Dora to help pull out the teeth even though she was scared? I am sure the Tooth Fairy will give her very beautiful teeth for being such a brave girl.

Now dear children, has your Milk Tooth falling out yet? Well, I am sure it didn’t hurt at all. Sweet dreams and good night!


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